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priority A345 Castle Road (Castle Roundabout) (Salisbury)

13th July 2020 7:10pm

A36 Churchill Way both ways closed due to roadworks during the night from A345 Castle Road (Castle Roundabout) to A30 London Road (St Marks Roundabout). Until 6:00 on 14th July.

priority Cutforth Way (Crampmoor)

13th July 2020 1:53pm

Stop/Go boards on Woodley Lane at Cutforth Way. Until 10th August.

priority J1 Brownhill Way (Nursling) (Hampshire)

13th July 2020 1:27pm

M271 Southbound closed due to roadworks during the night between J1 Brownhill Way (Nursling) and A33 Redbridge Road (Redbridge roundabout). From 21:00 on the 13th to 6:00 on 14th July.


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