Russian spy poisoning

New support for litter picking events despite 'don't pick it up' advice
Local News - 4:24pm 14th March 2019
Wiltshire Council backs organised litter picks, despite 'if you didn't drop it, don't pick it up' advice from Public Health England remaining in place.
Wiltshire police chief 'was unaware ex-spy Sergei Skripal lived in Salisbury'
Local News - 7:24am 4th March 2019
Kier Pritchard says he had no idea the former spy was living in our city.
Operation to decontaminate Salisbury of Novichok set to be declared over
Local News - 6:11am 1st March 2019
More than 13,000 hours have been spent working to remove traces of the nerve agent used to poison the Skripals almost a year ago.
Police officer exposed to Novichok to run Salisbury Marathon
Local News - 7:36pm 7th February 2019
Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey is raising money for our District Hospital, who treated him after he came into contact with the nerve agent.
EXCLUSIVE: Teenage girl describes moment she found collapsed Skripals
Local News - 8:31am 19th January 2019
Abigail McCourt has spoken about the Salisbury Novichok incident for the very first time.
More decontamination work at Amesbury's Muggleton Road
Local News - 11:02am 8th January 2019
We can expect to see more activity at the former home of novichok poisoning victim Charlie Rowley this week.
Salisbury home of Sergei Skripal to have roof removed
Local News - 8:47am 8th January 2019
Wiltshire Council has written to neighbours in Christie Miller Road warning them of further disruption.
Amesbury Novichok victim Charlie Rowley "not homeless"
Local News - 6:34am 10th December 2018
Officials have issued a statement after concerns were raised about his accommodation situation following media coverage this weekend.
Bishop of Salisbury issues Declaration of Hope after "difficult year" for city
Local News - 10:25am 4th December 2018
Nicholas Holtam has issued a special message inside his annual Christmas card which is being sent to over 800 people.
Novichok could have caused mass casualties in Salisbury
Local News - 10:41am 23rd November 2018
Speaking to BBC Panorama Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard, Dean Haydon, said the nerve agent could have caused thousands of deaths.
Salisbury poisoning: Replica perfume bottle made by police
Local News - 6:30am 23rd November 2018
They've given us new pictures of a bottle like the one used to administer the nerve agent.
New CCTV released by Salisbury spy poisoning detectives
Local News - 5:48am 23rd November 2018
Counter-terrorism officers leading the nerve agent investigation say they 'remain as determined as ever to bring those responsible to justice'.
NICK BAILEY: "We lost everything"
Local News - 6:33pm 22nd November 2018
Wiltshire Police officer describes to BBC Panorama, the aftermath of Salisbury nerve agent poisoning that left him hospitalised.
TV: Panorama special on Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 6:16am 22nd November 2018
Programme will tell the inside story of the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter.
Countdown to National Armed Forces Day in Salisbury begins
Local News - 11:43am 16th November 2018
Plans are now underway for the massive THREE day event in June 2019.
Great response to Salisbury Zizzi opening
Local News - 1:51pm 8th November 2018
Diners were invited to 'pay what they feel' for their food as the Castle Street restaurant re-opened this week.
Mill pub in Salisbury won't reopen until Spring 2019
Local News - 6:59am 8th November 2018
The Bridge Street street venue will have been closed for a whole year following the nerve agent incident.
'Pay what you feel' at Salisbury's Zizzi today
Local News - 5:55am 6th November 2018
To celebrate the re-opening of the Castle Street restaurant, we can donate what we think our meal is worth, with the money going to charity.
Sneak preview inside Salisbury Zizzi
Local News - 3:10pm 5th November 2018
The Castle Street restaurant is re-opening tomorrow (Tuesday November 6th), and we've been having a look around.
Why has Salisbury's Zizzi restaurant been closed for 8 months?
Local News - 10:20am 5th November 2018
The restaurant on Castle Street is reopening on the 6th November 2018, 8 months after a cordon was put around the building as part of the novichok investigation.
Salisbury's Zizzi to reopen tomorrow (6th November)
Local News - 6:18am 5th November 2018
The Italian restaurant has been closed since March after traces of the nerve agent used against former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia were found there.
Step closer to Salisbury Zizzi re-opening?
Local News - 10:09am 25th October 2018
The hoarding outside the Castle Street restaurant has finally come down - after nearly eight months.
Are Salisbury house prices down after spy poisoning?
Local News - 5:49am 25th October 2018
Figures have been released showing that house prices in the city have fallen almost 9% since the nerve agent incident involving Sergei and Yulia Skripal.
Salisbury's special constables rewarded for work during novichok incident
Local News - 1:20pm 10th October 2018
The city's volunteer officers have been named as the South West's Police Support 'Team of the Year'.
Wiltshire PCC: Spending list shows extra costs of Novichok poisonings
Local News - 12:09pm 8th October 2018
Wiltshire Police shelled out almost £100k in putting up officers from other forces brought in to help with the investigation in Salisbury.
Back of Salisbury Castle Street Tesco now OPEN!
Local News - 9:26am 2nd October 2018
After nearly 7 months, you can now access the supermarket through the back entrance.
'Free Parking' changes TODAY in Salisbury and Amesbury
Local News - 5:51am 1st October 2018
You'll no longer be able to park for nothing on the weekends, but the Park and Ride remains free to use.
CONFIRMED: Salisbury's Zizzi will re-open this autumn
Local News - 11:14am 27th September 2018
The restaurant chain say they'll definitely be serving customers before Christmas.
'Free Parking' in Salisbury and Amesbury to change
Local News - 11:14am 26th September 2018
The parking will no longer be free in Wiltshire Council car parks over the weekends and for less time during the week.
Salisbury's Zizzi confirmed 'all clear'
Local News - 2:06pm 19th September 2018
Defra tells us that the decontamination process has been completed in the restaurant at the centre of the spy poisoning incident.
Salisbury's Bourne Hill reopens this week
Local News - 4:15pm 17th September 2018
Wiltshire Council are starting to move their services back into the building, having been out since April 20th.
Kremlin to consider British interview of Salisbury poisoning suspects
Local News - 11:31am 14th September 2018
The Russian government have said Britain need to make a request to interview the men suspected of poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal, and they'll consider whether to allow it.
Skripals consulted over Salisbury house decontamination
Local News - 2:06pm 7th September 2018
Sergei and Yulia were spoken to by Wiltshire Council before the house was entered by military personnel today (7th September).
Decontamination work begins on Sergei Skripal's Salisbury home
Local News - 10:36am 7th September 2018
The former Russian spy and his daughter were contaminated with Novichok at the property in Christie Miller Road on the 4th of March.
World leaders back UK allegation Russia was behind Salisbury poisoning
Local News - 6:43am 7th September 2018
Britain's allies have lined up to condemn Russia at the United Nations over the Novichok attack.
Salisbury spy poisoning suspects seen on shop CCTV
Local News - 4:03pm 6th September 2018
They were spotted looking in the window of Dauwalders on Fisherton Street.
Britain to confront Russia over Salisbury Novichok attack
Local News - 9:39am 6th September 2018
British diplomats will confront Russia later as the United Nations Security Council discusses the Salisbury Novichok attack.
Pictures of novichok perfume bottle released
Local News - 1:30pm 5th September 2018
The bottle was seized from Charlie Rowley's house in Amesbury after he and Dawn Sturgess fell ill back in June.
Novichok suspects did reconnaissance in Salisbury day before attack
Local News - 12:23pm 5th September 2018
Police have revealed Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov visited our city on March 3rd ahead of targeting a former Russian spy.
Suspects named in Salisbury spy poisoning case
Local News - 11:08am 5th September 2018
The Crown Prosecution Service has released more details about the investigation.
Nerve agent used in Salisbury and Amesbury attacks WAS the same
Local News - 7:14pm 4th September 2018
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has confirmed the results of their testing.
'Lessons learned' since Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 5:54am 4th September 2018
It's now been exactly six months since the first of the nerve agent incidents in our city.
Vehicles buried in landfill site after novichok poisonings in Wiltshire
Local News - 1:12pm 1st September 2018
Some vehicles used by emergency services in Amesbury and Salisbury have been buried in a hazardous waste landfill site.
Salisbury's Zizzi should be cleaned-up within weeks after spy poisoning
Local News - 5:37am 30th August 2018
We're told the recovery process is fully underway now, with long term plans to help South Wiltshire thrive in the years to come.
SALISBURY SPY: Team of 'super recognisers' help identify suspects
Local News - 5:32am 28th August 2018
Two detectives with skills for memorising faces are leading the search for suspects in the Skripals poisoning case, according to Sky News.
Work started to prepare for reopening of Queen Elizabeth Gardens
Local News - 12:09pm 23rd August 2018
Salisbury City Council have been seen in the gardens, cleaning up the site inside the cordon.
Support Salisbury and Amesbury by carrying on as normal
Local News - 5:54am 22nd August 2018
Wiltshire Council's leader says the best way we can help with local recovery after the nerve agent attacks is to keep getting out and about.
Salisbury Ambulance Station fully re-opened
Local News - 5:20pm 21st August 2018
The site's been shut for the last five months, since the nerve agent poisoning.
Government Minister shows support for Salisbury
Local News - 12:49pm 21st August 2018
James Brokenshire has been visiting the city to show the rest of the country that it's 'business as usual' here.
Salisbury and Amesbury into 'recovery' after nerve agent incidents
Local News - 6:03am 15th August 2018
The Chair of the Group that's leading the push to get our area 'back to normal' says marketing South Wiltshire is now key.
Salisbury's Mill pub is safe - and will re-open soon
Local News - 8:01am 14th August 2018
The pub's been closed since March as part of the spy poisoning incident, but the decontamination is now complete.
Salisbury's Information Centre NOT moving... yet
Local News - 11:58am 10th August 2018
The City Council's 'deferring the decision' on whether to relocate some services to the Maltings until next Spring.
Salisbury spy: Claim that UK will seek extradition of two Russian suspects
Local News - 9:07pm 6th August 2018
It's understood that attempt is not as advanced as previously claimed though.
Prince of Wales writes to the people of Salisbury
Local News - 6:11am 1st August 2018
His Royal Highness visited the city with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, in June.
Salisbury & Amesbury: Latest from the authorities
Local News - 6:52am 25th July 2018
200 attended a community meeting at Salisbury City Hall last night (Tues 24th) with another chance at Amesbury's Stonehenge School tonight (Weds 25th).
Wiltshire Police offered support following Salisbury and Amesbury incidents
Local News - 7:18am 22nd July 2018
The county's Chief Constable has written to all of the area's officers and their families to thank them for their 'continued support'.
AMESBURY: Charlie Rowley discharged from hospital
Local News - 5:38pm 20th July 2018
The 45 year old from Amesbury has left Salisbury District Hospital today (Friday July 20th).
Inquest into Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess opened
Local News - 1:29pm 19th July 2018
A preliminary hearing has been held at Wiltshire's Coroner's Court in Salisbury's Endless Street.
Community letter going out to all Salisbury and Amesbury households
Local News - 1:22pm 19th July 2018
Wiltshire Council Leader Jane Scott, Salisbury's MP John Glen and Wiltshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson are writing to 24,000 households from today (Thursday July 19th).
Suspects of Salisbury nerve agent attack 'identified'
Local News - 6:24am 19th July 2018
Police are understood to have identified the suspected perpetrators of the Novichok attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter in our city in March.
Amesbury novichok victim suffered damage to hands and face
Local News - 12:53pm 18th July 2018
Some details have emerged from a post-mortem investigation into the death of Dawn Sturgess.
Cordon security in Amesbury and Salisbury changing
Local News - 3:11pm 17th July 2018
Security guards will now help to man the sites in Wiltshire as part of the ongoing Novichok investigation.
Community meetings following Salisbury and Amesbury incidents
Local News - 12:39pm 17th July 2018
There's a chance for the public to ask police, along with other emergency services and the council, questions about the ongoing invesigation.
Amesbury novichok victim's brother says nerve agent was 'in perfume bottle'
Local News - 4:48pm 16th July 2018
Charlie's Rowley's brother says he's visited him at Salisbury District Hospital once again.
Amesbury Baptist move Sunday service to Wyndham Hall
Local News - 9:39am 15th July 2018
Their own church building, on Butterfield Drive, remains sealed off as part of the Amesbury novichock poisoning investigation.
Hundreds of exhibits recovered by Amesbury incident investigators
Local News - 7:51pm 14th July 2018
The Met Police say they're expecting the searches within the cordons to take weeks, if not months.
Bottle of nerve agent found at Amesbury victim's house
Local News - 5:10pm 13th July 2018
Police have confirmed they have found a container at the address of Charlie Rowley.
Cars seized as part of Amesbury incident
Local News - 12:14pm 13th July 2018
Vehicles from Chippenham and the Wiltshire Air Ambulance base in Semington have been taken as part of the ongoing investigations in Salisbury and Amesbury.
Wiltshire PCC calls for more help towards policing
Local News - 7:50am 13th July 2018
Angus Macpherson has been speaking to the Government's Policing Minister about support needed to deal with the Salisbury and Amesbury incidents.
Wiltshire Police 'rising to challenges' of Amesbury incident
Local News - 12:54pm 12th July 2018
The county's Chief Constable and Crime Commissioner have praised the way officers and staff are coping with extra pressures.
Brother 'praying' for Amesbury Novichok victim Charlie Rowley
Local News - 6:10am 12th July 2018
The brother of the Amesbury man poisoned by Novichok has said he is praying for his recovery.
How do they decontaminate Salisbury and Amesbury sites?
Local News - 2:33pm 11th July 2018
More details on how scenes are investigated following the nerve agent poisoning, have been revealed.
£5 million from Government for Salisbury and Amesbury
Local News - 1:44pm 11th July 2018
A new package of support has been pledged by the Prime Minister to support the recovery process in South Wiltshire.
Police speak to Amesbury victim Charlie Rowley
Local News - 11:22am 11th July 2018
Police have visited Charlie in Salisbury District Hospital as they investigate how he came into contact with Novichok
Distillery slammed for 'Novichok vodka'
Local News - 5:07am 11th July 2018
Super strength vodka named after nerve agent which has claimed the life of an Amesbury woman and left her partner critically ill.
Amesbury incident: Novichok could be active for 50 years
Local News - 10:38pm 10th July 2018
Met Police investigating Amesbury incident warn nerve agent may be in multiple containers
Updated safety advice following Amesbury incident
Local News - 5:31pm 10th July 2018
England's Chief Medical Officer has released more information.
Appeal to help rehomed residents after Amesbury incident
Local News - 1:57pm 10th July 2018
A Salisbury charity are asking for help to provide for those who have been moved out of their homes following the nerve agent poisoning
More Government support pledged for Amesbury and Salisbury
Local News - 1:01pm 10th July 2018
The Home Secretary has announced in the House of Commons that another package of support is being worked on.
"I will miss your smile" - tributes to nerve agent victim Dawn Sturgess
Local News - 11:54am 10th July 2018
The mum of three's family have released a statement as flowers are left near Salisbury's John Baker House.
Amesbury poisoning detectives seize car from Swindon
Local News - 6:22am 10th July 2018
The investigation into the fatal nerve agent poisoning has now spread to a third area.
Bus used by nerve agent victims cleared following tests at Porton Down
Local News - 6:42pm 9th July 2018
Detectives revealed earlier that Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess travelled by bus from Salisbury to Amesbury the night before they were found poisoned with Novichok.
NOVICHOK: Couple poisoned by "high dose" of nerve agent
Local News - 12:52pm 9th July 2018
Police still hunting contaminated container which left mum of three dead and her partner fighting for his life in Salisbury District Hospital.
Van seized in Durrington part of Amesbury Novichok incident
Local News - 12:48pm 9th July 2018
A red transit van, that was taken away on a military loader on Sunday evening, is now part of the investigation as Charlie Rowley traveled in it.
Plea to shop local
Local News - 6:39am 9th July 2018
Businesses in Salisbury say a second nerve agent poisoning is having a big impact on them.
NOVICHOK: Victim Dawn Sturgess dies
Local News - 9:49pm 8th July 2018
Mum of three from passed away in hospital last night (8th July) after being exposed to a nerve agent in Amesbury.
NOVICHOK INCIDENT: Home Secretary visits Salisbury
Local News - 11:06am 8th July 2018
Sajid Javid has met the emergency services and staff at our district hospital who responded to the nerve agent victims in Amesbury.
NOVICHOK: Timeline of key movements of the two victims released by police
Local News - 8:31pm 6th July 2018
More details revealed of Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess in the run up before they were found unconscious in Amesbury after coming into contact with a nerve agent.
Hazard response teams arrive in Amesbury and Salisbury
Local News - 12:54pm 6th July 2018
Specialist teams arrive at the addresses of the Novichok victims.
Tourists cancelling their visits to Salisbury
Local News - 11:54am 6th July 2018
The leader of Wiltshire Council has said that visitor numbers have dropped considerably this week.
NOVICHOK: Police aren't ruling out possibility of more falling ill.
Local News - 6:48am 6th July 2018
Two people remain critically ill in Salisbury District Hospital after coming into contact with nerve agent.
Amesbury Incident: Pair handled contaminated item
Local News - 6:18pm 5th July 2018
Two victims remain "acutely unwell" in Salisbury District Hospital from exposure to the nerve agent Novichok.
Barriers to replace cordons in Amesbury and Salisbury
Local News - 5:44pm 5th July 2018
More officers in protective suits to be seen as investigation into the Novichok exposure continues.
Theresa May praises Salisbury and Amesbury after Novichok poisoning
Local News - 3:58pm 5th July 2018
PM thanks businesses and local communities for co-operation following second nerve agent poisoning in four months.
Rollestone Street closed and Salisbury hostel evacuated
Local News - 3:18pm 5th July 2018
Police have sealed off the road where one of the Novichok victims lives.
PLEA: Community help wanted after Amesbury incident
Local News - 1:00pm 5th July 2018
Plans are in place by an Amesbury mum to provide refreshments for the officers standing on cordons, but need the help of the public
Wiltshire's Chief Constable speaks of "shock" of second major incident
Local News - 6:35am 5th July 2018
Kier Pritchard says his officers are working with counter terrorism officers to help return Amesbury and Salisbury to normality.
AMESBURY INCIDENT: Novichok advice
Local News - 11:45pm 4th July 2018
Public Health England have issued advice to public who may have visited the five sites currently cordoned off
Novichok confirmed in Amesbury incident
Local News - 10:01pm 4th July 2018
Two people remain critically ill in Salisbury District Hospital after coming into contact with the nerve agent.
Salisbury chosen to host National Armed Forces Day in 2019
Local News - 12:03am 30th June 2018
Hundreds of thousands expected in the city for next year's tribute to the bravery and professionalism by the armed forces' response to the Salisbury spy incident.
Decontamination work complete at Bourne Hill
Local News - 12:52pm 28th June 2018
Defra say following extensive testing and cleaning by specialist teams the site is now "safe for public use."
Waste from Salisbury decontamination being taken away safely
Local News - 2:00pm 26th June 2018
Defra tell us they'll be incinerating most of the rubbish created by the clean-up operation following the nerve agent attack.
ROYAL VISIT - The day in photos
Local News - 3:02pm 22nd June 2018
We've picked out some of the best photos from the day that Charles and Camilla visited Salisbury
Prince Charles meets poisoned Salisbury police officer
Local News - 2:47pm 22nd June 2018
His Royal Highness met with Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey as part of a visit to our city.
Prince Charles and Camilla visiting Salisbury
Local News - 5:37am 22nd June 2018
Royal boost for city following nerve agent attack almost four months ago.
SPY POISONING: Amesbury ambulance station reopened
Local News - 9:35am 19th June 2018
The station, just off the A303, had been shut for 15 weeks.
"There is still much more to do to ensure Salisbury recovers"
Local News - 1:14pm 13th June 2018
£1.7m committed to support the recovery of the city in the wake of the nerve agent attack.
ROYAL VISIT: Prince Charles and Camilla to visit Salisbury
Local News - 5:18pm 11th June 2018
The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will come to the city next week (Friday 22nd June) as part of the recovery programme.
Bourne Hill to remain closed
Local News - 11:38am 8th June 2018
The offices were due to open after 8 weeks after the decontamination was finished but will now stay closed for the foreseeable future.
Wiltshire Police chief says 'day will come' for answers on Skripal poisoning
Local News - 6:12am 6th June 2018
Kier Pritchard has also revealed the police officer exposed to the nerve agent in Salisbury is recovering well.
SALISBURY SPY: 'One of the largest and most complex investigations ever'
Local News - 1:18pm 5th June 2018
The Met Police has been updating us on the progress of the attempted murder investigation - three months after the incident began.
Cost to Wiltshire Police over spy poisoning revealed
Local News - 3:31pm 4th June 2018
The county's Police and Crime Commissioner says the cost of the operation over the last three months is up to £7.5 million.
City Centre cordon security changing
Local News - 12:01pm 4th June 2018
Police are now starting to be replaced at the cordons in Salisbury, to free up to the officers to return to their normal roles.
Salisbury's Ambulance Station decontaminated
Local News - 2:08pm 31st May 2018
The process to clean up the Odstock Road ambulance station has been completed by Defra, following the spy poisoning.
Lessons learned by SDH following spy poisoning incident
Local News - 5:41am 31st May 2018
The Chief Operating Officer at our hospital says they practice for major incidents, and he's proud of how well they coped.
SDH professionals give their take on the Skripals' poisoning
Local News - 8:22am 29th May 2018
Medics from the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has been speaking for the first time since the incident, to BBC Newsnight.
Salisbury's Maltings now OPEN!
Local News - 8:23pm 25th May 2018
There's new turf, new paving, repainting, pressure washing been completed and the play park's been cleaned.
Final countdown to reopening of the Maltings
Local News - 12:00pm 25th May 2018
The shopping area, one of the key sites at the centre of the Russian spy poisoning case, poses "no risk to public health"
Yulia Skripal speaks on camera for first time since Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 6:12pm 23rd May 2018
She says she feels 'lucky to have survived' what she described as an 'assassination attempt'.
Maltings to be reopened by weekend
Local News - 10:04am 22nd May 2018
Wiltshire Council have told Spire FM today (22nd May) that they plan to open the site for the Bank Holiday.
Nerve agent decontamination now complete at the Maltings
Local News - 7:35am 22nd May 2018
The site has now been handed back to Wiltshire Council after specialist teams completed their clean-up work there.
Sergei Skripal discharged from hospital
Local News - 10:20am 18th May 2018
The former Russian spy has been having treatment at Salisbury District Hospital for the last 2 months.
Completely free parking in Salisbury has now ended
Local News - 5:42am 14th May 2018
We'll now have to pay on weekday mornings to use Wiltshire Council car parks, after feedback from local businesses.
Free parking in Salisbury is changing
Local News - 12:02am 8th May 2018
Limitations are being imposed on the 'completely free parking' in the city for the first time since it started, following the Salisbury spy poisoning.
Recognition for Wiltshire Police response to Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 9:14am 5th May 2018
Downing Street has praised the dedication of officers in a letter to Chief Constable Kier Pritchard.
Displays to be put over Salisbury hoardings
Local News - 4:00pm 4th May 2018
New artwork is being installed over the Salisbury spy poisoning cordons in the city centre.
BREAKING NEWS: Update on suspicious package in Salisbury
Local News - 1:45pm 4th May 2018
Emergency services lift cordon on Milford Street and stand-down after Friday morning's drama in the city centre.
Experts say Skripals poisoned with up to 100mg of novichok nerve agent
Local News - 10:13am 4th May 2018
The chemical weapons watchdog has been revealing more about the spy poisoning attack in Salisbury.
Salisbury shortlisted to host Armed Forces Day National Event 2019
Local News - 4:51pm 2nd May 2018
A bid was submitted for the event to take place in our city after the nerve agent attack.
No suspects identified yet in Salisbury nerve agent attack
Local News - 5:32am 2nd May 2018
The UK's national security adviser has given MPs an update on the investigation into Sergei and Yulia Skripal's poisoning.
Decontamination starts at Ashley Wood
Local News - 1:31pm 1st May 2018
The car recovery business originally collected Sergei Skripal's car early in March and has been cordoned off since 9th March.
£210k to support businesses hit by Salisbury 'spy poisoning'
Local News - 5:50am 27th April 2018
Grants for retailers, food & drink operators and hotels who have been 'adversely impacted' by the nerve agent attack in the city.
Reassurance from the PM over Salisbury safety
Local News - 2:36pm 25th April 2018
Theresa May's been speaking during Prime Minister's Questions as decontamination gets in full swing after the spy poisoning.
Clean-up work begins in The Maltings
Local News - 5:40am 24th April 2018
Army trucks have arrived in Salisbury city centre to start decontamination work following the spy poisoning incident.
We will be kept updated about Salisbury clean-up, say Wiltshire Council
Local News - 11:51am 20th April 2018
They've held 4 public meetings about the spy poisoning so far and Leader Jane Scott says they'll continue to tell us what's going on.
New barriers to go up at Salisbury spy poisoning cordons
Local News - 8:57pm 19th April 2018
More permanent hoardings are to be put up in areas like the Maltings as the decontamination process gets underway.
Salisbury's Bourne Hill to close for decontamination
Local News - 1:38pm 18th April 2018
Some Wiltshire Council services and Wiltshire Police staff will move out this afternoon (April 20th), following the Salisbury spy poisoning.
Hospital bosses reinforce site is safe after Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 10:41am 18th April 2018
Fresh statement issued as major specialist clean-up operation gets underway in our city.
Salisbury Recovery: Latest public meeting planned
Local News - 1:55pm 17th April 2018
There'll be another chance for us to ask questions about the clean-up process at City Hall on Thursday night (April 19th).
Novichok delivered in liquid form to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal
Local News - 12:11pm 17th April 2018
Defra have revealed more details about how the Salisbury spy poisoning took place.
Work begins to decontaminate sites in Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 11:35am 17th April 2018
NINE sites to be cleaned with almost 200 military personnel joining the operation which we're warned will take "months".
Service held to 'cleanse' and 'reclaim' Salisbury after nerve agent attack
Local News - 10:41am 16th April 2018
Service included prayers outside to cleanse the site where the Skripals were found six weeks ago.
'Cleansing & Celebration' service for Salisbury spy victims site
Local News - 6:03pm 14th April 2018
Open-air prayers and hymns on Sunday (15 April) near the spot where Sergei & Yulia Skripal were found as Salisbury's Bishop leads a symbolic 'reclaiming' of the city.
Claims that Russia were 'spying' on Yulia Skripal for years
Local News - 1:40pm 13th April 2018
Russian intelligence had been spying on the daughter of Salisbury's former double agent Sergei Skripal for at least five years, according to a national security adviser.
Russia claims Yulia Skripal has been 'abducted' by Britain
Local News - 5:49am 13th April 2018
The foreign ministry for Russia believes the UK is faking sources in order to blame the Kremlin for the Salisbury spy poisoning.
Chemical watchdog confirms novichok used in Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 12:20pm 12th April 2018
Independent chemical weapons scientists have confirmed that "high purity" novichok was used in the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.
Free parking 'could be' limited
Local News - 5:36am 12th April 2018
We could see a re-think on the initiative in place to boost trade after poisonings of former Russian spy and his daughter.
Yulia Skripal turns down offer of assistance from Russian Embassy
Local News - 8:17pm 11th April 2018
Yulia Skripal has turned down an offer of help from the Russian Embassy and told her outspoken cousin not to contact her.
How is Salisbury recovering from the spy poisoning?
Local News - 5:47am 11th April 2018
There's another public meeting tonight (April 11th) for us to hear the latest on the recovery plans.
Yulia Skripal discharged from Salisbury District Hospital
Local News - 7:58am 10th April 2018
She's now well enough to have left SDH and there's good news on her father's recovery following the spy poisoning incident too.
Target set for showing Salisbury's recovery
Local News - 5:45am 10th April 2018
Wiltshire Council wants to host a national Armed Forces Day event as a positive way of putting the city back on the map.
Nerve agent attack: Sergei Skripal no longer in a critical condition
Local News - 1:56pm 6th April 2018
Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition following last month's nerve agent attack, Salisbury District Hospital says.
Yulia Skripal's cousin hoping for visa to visit Britain
Local News - 12:23pm 6th April 2018
Viktoria Skripals has told Sky News she does not think she will be allowed into Britain after the nerve agent attack.
Guinea pigs and cat belonging to Sergei Skripal died in wake of nerve agent attack
Local News - 5:49am 6th April 2018
Three pets of Sergei Skripal were found at his home in Salisbury's Christie Miller Road, following the spy poisoning incident.
Yulia Skripal: 'I have many people to thank for my recovery'
Local News - 2:13pm 5th April 2018
For the first time since she was taken ill, Yulia's spoken about the Salisbury spy poisoning incident.
Another public meeting planned after Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 2:05pm 5th April 2018
Keep the evening of Wednesday April 11th free - we'll be able to hear from Wiltshire Council about the recovery process.
Relative says Skripals are 'getting better' after Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 1:22pm 5th April 2018
Russian state TV is reporting that Yulia Skripal has told a relative both she and her father are "fine" and "getting better".
Russia demands UN security meeting over Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 6:28am 5th April 2018
Putin accuses Britain of launching an "anti-Russian campaign"over nerve agent attack in the city.
Salisbury spy poisoning: UK and US 'staged' it, claims Russian spy chief
Local News - 11:14am 4th April 2018
The claims have come ahead of an emergency meeting of an international watchdog.
Spy poisoning: Porton Down experts can't identify 'precise source'
Local News - 4:20pm 3rd April 2018
Scientists from DSTL haven't been able to establish where the novichok nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal was made. 
Bishop of Salisbury describes spy poisoning as "act of violation"
Local News - 8:36am 2nd April 2018
The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam said there has been "anxiety, puzzlement and anger" after the Skripals were attacked with a nerve agent.
Salisbury spy poisoning: Russia issues list of 14 questions for UK
Local News - 10:38am 1st April 2018
Russia has sent a list of fresh questions to British authorities over the investigation into the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.
Russia expels more UK diplomats after Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 9:54am 31st March 2018
Russia has told the UK it must send home "just over 50" more of its diplomats in a tit-for-tat row following the nerve agent attack.
More diplomatic fallout after Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 2:00pm 30th March 2018
Britain's ambassador to Russia summoned to the country's foreign ministry for talks, amid the ongoing row over 'nerve agent' attack in Salisbury.
Another Salisbury play park cordoned off in spy poisoning investigation
Local News - 4:41pm 29th March 2018
The play park at Montgomery Gardens, close to the Skripals house has now been cordoned off.
Yulia Skripal 'rapidly improving' and said to be eating and drinking
Local News - 3:11pm 29th March 2018
Salisbury District Hospital tell us that the daughter of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a 'critical condition'.
Sergei Skripal's front door removed from Salisbury house
Local News - 12:34pm 29th March 2018
Former spy Sergei Skripal's front door has been removed from his house in Salisbury, the latest pictures show.
Salisbury spy poisoning happened at home, police believe
Local News - 8:40pm 28th March 2018
It's now believed that Sergei and Yulia Skripal came into contact with the nerve agent at their home address.
Wiltshire Police getting grant to cover spy poisoning investigation
Local News - 10:35am 28th March 2018
The Home Office has approved £1.6 million of funding to help with the 'exceptional costs' of dealing with a major incident.
Salisbury play park 'safe' but will remain closed for now
Local News - 6:03am 28th March 2018
The Malting's play park has been been shut since investigations into the spy poisoning began sparking concern among parents.
Bunnies back with owner after Salisbury spy poisoning drama
Local News - 12:59pm 27th March 2018
The rabbits that were stuck behind the cordon at the Mill have been reunited after over two weeks.
£1m for Salisbury after spy poisoning
Local News - 9:55am 27th March 2018
The Government has approved a rescue package to help the city, and businesses who have struggled in the wake of the nerve agent attack.
PM says more than 130 people could have been exposed to nerve agent in Salisbury
Local News - 9:44pm 26th March 2018
Theresa May says 50 people have been assessed in hospital since the attack.
Buildings involved in Salisbury spy poisoning case to be decontaminated
Local News - 5:10pm 26th March 2018
Locations like the Mill pub and Zizzi restaurant will see the most activity after the Easter weekend.
No refunds for Salisbury drivers who paid for parking last week
Local News - 2:07pm 26th March 2018
Wiltshire Council say people put money into machines before the free parking started won't get it back, despite penalty tickets being written off.
That time the world's media descended on Salisbury
Local News - 9:32am 25th March 2018
We're getting used to seeing camera crews, journalists and photographers from around the globe now!
Tickets issued before free parking started to be waived
Local News - 8:09am 25th March 2018
Wiltshire Council's confirmed that they won't be taking fines from people given tickets in Salisbury between Thursday and Saturday.
'It wasn't Russia': Ambassador writes letter to Salisbury officer Nick Bailey
Local News - 11:49am 24th March 2018
Russia's ambassador has written to the police officer treated in hospital after the Salisbury attack, wishing him a "full recovery" and assuring him Russia had "nothing to do with this reckless incident".
FREE PARKING now in force in Salisbury
Local News - 7:03am 24th March 2018
Wiltshire Council's scrapping charges until further notice to support the city in the wake of the nerve agent attack.
NEW ADVICE: Were you in Salisbury's Zizzi or The Mill pub at time of 'spy poisoning'?
Local News - 4:55pm 23rd March 2018
Public Health England issue fresh instructions about cleaning clothes to customers who were at two city venues around time of 'nerve agent' attack on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal.
Salisbury 'spy poisoning' park bench is removed
Local News - 12:11pm 23rd March 2018
The bench where Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found by Police three weeks ago has been removed from Salisbury's Maltings shopping centre.
Update on Salisbury recovery plan in wake of 'spy poisoning'
Local News - 11:59am 23rd March 2018
Public invited to hear local and national representatives at City Hall on Tuesday morning (27 March) as they give an update on the recovery plan for Salisbury city centre.
Another assault incident at a Salisbury cordon
Local News - 9:51am 23rd March 2018
This time, a police officer's been assaulted at the London Road cemetery cordon - with a man now charged in connection.
SDH boss says 'thank you' to staff and community
Local News - 6:34am 23rd March 2018
Cara Charles-Barks, the Chief Exec of our hospital, has paid tribute to the 'dedication and professionalism' of people working on site.
More time allowed to have your say on A303 Stonehenge tunnel
Local News - 5:44am 23rd March 2018
Two lots of snow, and then the Salisbury 'spy poisoning' means the deadline has been extended for public comments on plans to improve the busy A303.
Copper caught up in 'Salisbury spy' attack speaks about his ordeal
Local News - 5:58pm 22nd March 2018
As he leaves hospital, Salisbury policeman DS Nick Bailey says " really has been completely surreal."
Salisbury policeman hospitalised in spy attack discharged
Local News - 5:37pm 22nd March 2018
DS Nick Bailey, who was hospitalised after the nerve agent attack, is now home.
Skripals' mental capacity may be compromised by Salisbury nerve agent attack
Local News - 5:14pm 22nd March 2018
The mental capacity of the Russians poisoned by a nerve agent may be compromised to an unknown degree, a UK court has said.
Russian spy and daughter still critically ill after Salisbury nerve agent attack
Local News - 10:42am 22nd March 2018
Blood samples now being taken from Sergei and Yulia Skripal as pair still fight for life in Salisbury District Hospital.
One of Salisbury's police cordons 'reduced'
Local News - 5:51pm 21st March 2018
Police activity, as part of spy poisoning investigation, is being scaled back at the London Road Cemetery - so we can visit as normal.
FREE PARKING in Salisbury to help city after nerve agent attack
Local News - 7:00am 21st March 2018
Wiltshire Council's making parking in city centre car parks FREE from this weekend (March 24th).
Police officers abused and assaulted on Salisbury cordon
Local News - 12:17pm 20th March 2018
It's the second time this month that they have been subject to abuse whilst manning the cordons around Salisbury.
Chance to give police in Salisbury feedback on recent events in our city
Local News - 9:58am 20th March 2018
Locals encouraged to chat to officers from the mobile police unit in the city centre as nerve agent investigation continues.
Swan death "not connected" to nerve agent attack in Salisbury
Local News - 5:47am 20th March 2018
There's reassurance over the death of one swan and another found injured in our city.
Salisbury nerve agent attack investigation likely to take "many months"
Local News - 11:05pm 19th March 2018
Detectives sifting through 4,000 CCTV images and more than 400 witness statements taken.
"There has been no data breach to our Force's IT system."
Local News - 3:53pm 19th March 2018
That message comes from Wiltshire Police after national press say the force has fallen victim to a cyber attack.
Police and military activity in Durrington
Local News - 12:31pm 19th March 2018
Two tents have been erected on Larkhill Road.
International chemical weapons watchdog to take samples of Salisbury nerve agent
Local News - 2:06pm 18th March 2018
Chemical weapons experts will travel to Britain on Monday to begin an international investigation into the Salisbury poisoning.
International visitors told 'Come to Salisbury' as 'nerve agent' investigation continues
Local News - 3:37pm 16th March 2018
Foreign travellers also told "Business as usual for tourism" in Salisbury and surrounding areas even in the wake of a poison attack on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal.
Salisbury cordons could last 'weeks or months' in wake of Russian spy case
Local News - 11:51am 16th March 2018
Alistair Cunningham, Director at Wiltshire Council has been speaking about the economic impact of the poison attack on ex-MI6 double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.
Free Park & Ride in Salisbury until Easter
Local News - 12:04am 16th March 2018
It's one of a number of measures being adopted to help businesses in the aftermath of the 'nerve agent' attack. The bus will be free if you get on & off at the P&R sites.
Tax help for Salisbury shops affected by 'Russian spy' cordons
Local News - 6:38pm 15th March 2018
'Taxman' throws lifeline to businesses in Salisbury who're currently closed, or experiencing cash-flow problems, due to reduced footfall.
PM: Would be happy to 'holiday, shop, & live' in Salisbury
Local News - 4:33pm 15th March 2018
Theresa May tells Spire FM: "Salisbury has great spirit... great resilience..." as the British Premier visits in the wake of the Russian spy attack in the city 11 days ago.
Second scene in Dorset cordoned off
Local News - 12:54pm 15th March 2018
Military personnel, police and ambulances are in Alderholt near the home of DS Nick Bailey.
PM visits Salisbury - scene of 'Russian ex-spy' poisoning
Local News - 11:52am 15th March 2018
Theresa May has been in Salisbury to meet those affected and see first hand the impact the attempted murder of Sergei & Yulia Skripal is having on the city.
Steps to help Salisbury recover from spy poisoning
Local News - 11:49am 15th March 2018
Local businesses will be given an update tonight (15th March) on the recovery plan for our city.
British troops to be vaccinated against anthrax
Local News - 6:35am 15th March 2018
Defence Secretary unveils plans in response to nerve agent attack in Salisbury including £48m boost to Porton Down laboratory.
PM gets tough with Russia after Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 12:54pm 14th March 2018
23 Russian diplomats are to be expelled from UK after attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal
Met Police take charge of new cordon in Dorset
Local News - 11:09am 14th March 2018
Probe into attempted murder of former Russian spy in Salisbury spreads to Gillingham.
Air Ambulance NOT used to take Skripal pair to hospital
Local News - 6:47am 14th March 2018
Confirmation Wiltshire Air Ambulance was not involved in transporting former Russian spy and his daughter to Salisbury District Hospital.
38 people seen by medics after poisoning in Salisbury
Local News - 3:29pm 13th March 2018
Police have released details saying that more people than originally thought were checked over after Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found poisoned in Salisbury.
Scotland Yard give timeline of Salisbury spy poisoning
Local News - 2:45pm 13th March 2018
Police have released details of the car Sergei and Yulia parked in the city centre on the day they were found poisoned.
What's open & what's not? Extent of 'Salisbury spy' cordons
Local News - 1:27pm 13th March 2018
We've made a list of where you can & can't go in The Maltings, an area hit very hard by Police cordons as a result of the 'Skripal poisoning' investigation.
Zizzi 'shocked and saddened' by spy poisoning
Local News - 8:35am 13th March 2018
The Italian chain have released a statement regarding the investigation into the attempted murder of a former Russian spy in Salisbury
'Was Salisbury's CCTV on' at time of 'nerve agent' attack?
Local News - 9:33pm 12th March 2018
A Russian TV broadcaster questions 'who controls Salisbury's surveillance system' and whether any 'official' footage exists? Here, our Councils insist it was working.
Prime Minister blames Russia for Salisbury "spy attack"
Local News - 5:18pm 12th March 2018
Theresa May spoke in Parliament on Monday (12th March) and condemned Russia for the attack on Sergei Skripal.
JAILED: Salisbury man who broke Police cordon
Local News - 3:31pm 12th March 2018
Prison for 30 year old who crossed Police lines into an area believed to be contaminated by the deadly 'nerve agent' used on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal.
Salisbury flower seller loses £9k as police cordon continues
Local News - 10:31am 12th March 2018
Owner of popular flower stall says people are scared to come into our city after a former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned here.
Local News - 2:47pm 11th March 2018
READ THIS: If you went to or ate at Zizzi on Castle Street, or The Mill pub in The Maltings, last Sunday & Monday 4th-5th March.
Salisbury Spy Poisoning - Latest Update
Local News - 11:19am 11th March 2018
Hundreds of people are warned to wash their possessions as a precaution, and vehicles removed from Bourne Hill for further forensic examination.
CHARGED: Man who broke Police 'spy case' cordon
Local News - 10:24am 11th March 2018
Security guard helped tackle a 30-year-old from Salisbury for crossing the Police 'security' lines that are in force at The Maltings.
Shop owner describes impact of 'Salisbury Spy crisis'
Local News - 9:23am 11th March 2018
Sarah Haydon in The Maltings tells Spire FM News: "Independent shops have found it harder than anybody... I don't think people realise they can get to us."
Salisbury spy poisoning: Traces of 'chemical weapon' found in Zizzi
Local News - 7:22am 11th March 2018
The Zizzi restaurant on Castle Street is one of five sites where traces of a 'nerve agent', used on ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, are thought to have been found.
‘I’m not a hero' - Salisbury policeman injured in ‘spy poisoning’
Local News - 7:40pm 10th March 2018
From his hospital bed DS Bailey says: 'I was just doing my job'... 'Thank-you for all the kind thoughts and best wishes, they are truly appreciated.'
Developments in Salisbury ex-Russian spy crisis
Local News - 8:21am 10th March 2018
Police say the deaths of Sergei Skripal's wife and son are part of their investigation into the attempted murder of the former Russian spy and his daughter Yulia.
More on the Salisbury 'ex-Russian spy' case
Local News - 11:32am 9th March 2018
Experts called in to remove a number of objects and vehicles around Salisbury. Convoy of 'army' vehicles arrives at city's District Hospital.
New theory over ex-spy 'poison attack' in Salisbury
Local News - 11:25am 9th March 2018
Investigation now focuses on 'family' home between Wilton Road and Devizes Road away from the city centre.
Home Secretary visits Salisbury scene of spy poisoning
Local News - 10:14am 9th March 2018
Amber Rudd has visited the Maltings in the city centre as well as meeting local emergency service workers.
Russian spy poisoning search moves to Skripal's car
Local News - 9:59am 9th March 2018
A vehicle recovery centre on Salisbury's Churchfields Ind. Estate is being examined as part of the investigation into the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in the city.
SPY POISONING: 21 people treated by medics after Salisbury attack.
Local News - 6:55am 9th March 2018
A total of 21 people have needed medical attention after nerve agent poisoning left spy and daughter fighting for life
Hazmat teams back at The Maltings in Salisbury
Local News - 2:53pm 8th March 2018
Specialist officers continue investigating the suspected poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter.
More Salisbury locations cordoned in Russian ex-spy investigation
Local News - 2:13pm 8th March 2018
Police have placed a cordon at the the London Road cemetery at what's thought to be the Russian spy's family graves, and officers are at a business on Churchfields.
Salisbury spy believed to have been poisoned with nerve agent
Local News - 5:34pm 7th March 2018
Police have revealed a highly toxic chemical was used to try and murder a former Russian spy and his daughter.
SALISBURY SPY APPEAL: Scotland Yard need witnesses
Local News - 11:21am 7th March 2018
"Your memory of that afternoon and your movements alone could help us with missing pieces of the investigation."
Cordon extended in Salisbury as police probe collapsed Russian spy
Local News - 6:43am 7th March 2018
Police extended the area sealed off in our city last night as the investigation into the potential poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.
UPDATE: Counter-terror police now leading Russian MI6 spy probe
Local News - 2:55pm 6th March 2018
Due to the 'unusual circumstances' it has been decided they will lead the investigation as it has 'specialist expertise' to do so.
LATEST: Police probing collapsed Russian spy seal off another location
Local News - 12:05pm 6th March 2018
A number of scenes in Salisbury have been sealed off as officers along with counter terrorism police investigate critical illness of former spy.
Counter-terror police aid Russian MI6 spy probe
Local News - 8:24am 6th March 2018
British counter-terrorism police are aiding a probe into what caused the critical illness of a former Russian double agent in Salisbury.
Critically ill man in Salisbury understood to be 'former Russian spy'
Local News - 7:36pm 5th March 2018
66 year old man was one of two people found unconscious on a bench in The Maltings.

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